Webinar Reflection

On Tuesday night my team and I did our webinar. We were really happy at the good turnout of people who watched our webinar, especially since we had to reschedule last week.  We had a small technical difficulty before our webinar started, one of my team members was unable to join our blackboard collaborate session. Thankfully, the rest of us were able to join and it did not prove to be a large problem.

Though we did not originally plan to go last out of all of the groups, there were both advantages and disadvantages to being the last webinar of the class. The advantages were that we were able to watch  a lot of other really great examples of webinars that our classmates did. We were able to observe some teaching methods that we really liked. We were able to borrow from some things that worked really well for our classmates. One major disadvantage to going last however was that the energy of our participants in general seemed a little low. Considering that our webinar was after the last day of class, I was just happy that 11 people attended. The lack of discussion in the beginning and middle of our presentation could have also been due to a lack of knowledge on the subject. Our webinar was about the visually impaired as an underserved ommunity in public libraries and it appeared that most of our participants did not know a lot of information about the topic before we presented.

Overall, I think that our webinar went really great, and I am very happy that I had the opportunity to practice using this mode of instruction. After completing the webinar, I think that I prefer face-to-face instruction, however I  am happy that I had the opportunity to practice and develop this skill in the safety of the classroom.


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