Week 11: Class Discussion

In class this week we discussed our twitter assignment from last week and the pros and cons of using twitter to develop our professional learning network (PLN). As I mentioned in my last blog, I struggled to find 25 new twitter users to follow. It was really helpful to hear from my classmates the strategies they used during the assignment. In class we also discussed what we want to get out of our PLN and who we want to include in our PLN. Throughout the course of the semester I began to see my network of professional connections as a natural process of meeting people with similar interests as me in SI as well as connections I made through part time jobs and internships. It seemed a little strange to me to think of my PLN as something constructed. However, the class discussion made me think about it a little more. Though I still think that I will be more likely to have more productive professional relationships with individuals that I know in person, I think it is important to to be conscious of who I am connecting with.

In class we also discussed the pros and cons of using twitter. I really enjoyed our twitter assignment last week. My twitter feed has change significantly since before the assignment and I’m finding a lot of interesting articles and blogs that I wasn’t previously. One thing that I really like about twitter is that it exposes you to a lot of of information that you can preview, without searching multiple places to find relevant information. The other side of that however is that there is A LOT of interesting articles and blogs that I would like to read, but simply to not have the time for. Going on twitter now can be a lot more time consuming.

In class we also had time to work with our groups to work on our webinar assignments. I was grateful to have this extra time to work on some of the technical details of performing our webinar. Though ti was really great to see the first group to go on Monday do such a great job! Watching their webinar helped calm my nerves and I’m getting excited to do ours soon!

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  1. Grace A. said:

    I also enjoyed learning how my group members gathered their 25 new Twitter friends, as I found it fairly difficult as well. My discussion group knew a lot more about Twitter than I did and gave me some good advice about collecting new Twitter posts and organizing new Tweets. I really like my Twitter account, and it was nice to be able to start to use it more efficiently. I agree that seems strange to consciously construct a PLN, but I appreciated the conversation. Creating professional networks can be overwhelming at times, so it was helpful to brainstorm ideas of whom to connect with.

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